What a great and successful year! Thank you to all students and parents of the EB Band. I am looking forward to a great start and further success next year.

Don't forget to log into Charms by clicking below. You can now link your kids if you have siblings that are in the band under the "multiple students" screen under the parent portal. Students can be linked only if they have created a password that is different from their student id.

Click on the link below and enter student id to proceed.

Our login code is EBernardHSB in case you get kicked out and it asks for it.
For any questions please email or call the directors at the info provided on the contact us link to the left. 


Our practice tonight has been changed to a quick run and clean of a few spots of the show. We will only go from 4pm - 5pm. No practice will happen from 6pm - 9pm. Go cheer on the team at the soap bowl. Kickoff 6:30pm.

I do understand that my volleyball and football members will be at tournaments and practice. No messages of not being able to make it are necessary. 

I look forward to seeing everyone this afternoon. Friday we will be leaving the band hall at 9:00 to go to main event. Don't be late :)

I am looking forward to a great year... We are going to work hard and play hard. Thanks to everyone for their hard work this summer.

Also the opener show with music and drill is available to check out at the following linkhttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/fd54o8v7swdhkik/AABJLAn37zPTtgildFw988YTa Take a look and listen to the show tunes. We are going to have an awesome year. I am looking forward to having a much larger band with an awesome Brahma sound.